Refrigeration company brings jobs to McNairy County

SELMER, Tenn. — An ordinary field behind Monogram Refrigeration in Selmer will soon be the site of a 120,000 square foot expansion project.

Monogram Refrigeration in Selmer is investing $9.3 million in their facility.

“For this county, it’s huge,” McNairy County Chamber and Economic Development CEO Eddie Crittendon said. “It’s a great win for us, a big impact on the county, big impact on families. People who may not have a job now have the opportunity to come work for a great company.”

The company has been in Selmer since 1986 and has been in their current building for the last four years.

They make refrigerators for luxury homes. Monogram is owned by GE Appliances, who make house hold appliances of all kinds.

“Once again, just want to thank our current employees because it’s their dedication and hard work, their craftsman-like work they do here,” Vice President of Monogram Refrigeration Ray Deming said. “It really instilled the confidence in GEA to bring this product here.”

McNairy County is a tier 4 distressed county, making it one of the most economically distressed counties in Tennessee.

There also was an announcement in Adamsville earlier in August that will bring 138 jobs to McNairy County.

“So you know you’re looking at close to 350 jobs in 9 months just here in McNairy County,” Crittendon said. “That will have a huge impact on the economy and this community going forward.”

With the expansion, the company will now make air conditioning units for hotels, along with the refrigerators.

They expect the project to be done by April 2018.

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