US Department of Agriculture reports crop production increase in Tennessee

MADISON COUNTY, Tenn. — Thanks to good rainfall, local farmers say it has been a good year so far for crops across West Tennessee.

The United States Department of Agriculture released a promising forecast for Tennessee farmers this season.

Corn production is set to increase three percent from last year’s harvest with almost 130 million bushels anticipated to be harvested.

The soybean harvest is also forecast to increase six percent from last year with 77.4 million bushels expected to be taken from the fields.

The biggest crop increase this season will come from cotton, which is expected to produce 680,000 bales.

Andrew Donnell is a local farmer in Madison County who grows crops like corn, cotton, soybeans and more at his business, Donnell Century Farm.

It is a seasonal attraction for West Tennesseans, and he said it is a property that is doing well. When he is not the running the farm as a tourist attraction, Donnell is busy selling his crops and livestock.

“We’re all tied together, and sometimes, we don’t really think about that,” Donnell said. “But it really takes everybody to work together to make the country what it is.”

Since 2011, Donnell said rainfall has increased from the severe drought that happened between the months of June through September that year. Now with production increasing, he also wants to see prices rise as well.

“Corn being at $3.50, versus $8 a few years ago, is a sizable difference,” Donnell said. “It goes up, and it goes down. We’re kind of in a lull on the downside. So hopefully, we are going to increase.”

Donnell said the future is looking bright for farmers. He is increasing his business by constructing a new market on his property, which begins tomorrow.

The attraction Donnell Century Farm Adventure opens to the public on Sept. 30.

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