Huntingdon mayor to fix city flooding problems

HUNTINGDON, Tenn. — For those who live in Huntingdon, rain can be more than just a summer shower.

“The streets just flood. It’s been doing this ever since I lived here,” Weldon Ball said.

Each time it rains, the culverts on Ball’s street overflow. It causes yards and streets to flood and sometimes traps people inside their homes.

“If you aren’t familiar with the streets, it would be very easy to run off into one of the culverts,” he said.

But Ball’s neighborhood isn’t the only one in the small town dealing with the problem, and that’s why Mayor Dale Kelley is taking things into his own hands.

Beaver Creek runs through the middle of Huntingdon, and Mayor Kelley says that’s the source of the problem.

“The culverts that were put in back a lot of years ago are not adequate today to carry the flow of water,” he said.

Kelley said with assistance from the West Tennessee River Basin, the culverts in the north part of town will be re-sized and replaced. He says this will help with the flow of water.

“Everything has a domino effect. As we correct one problem, it helps another,” he said.

“We’ve had problems with this for years and years, and no one seems to be interested in it,” Ball said. “So I am glad there is an interest now, and I wish them a lot of success in handling the problem.”

Mayor Kelley said construction on the culverts is set to begin this fall.

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