Family remembers and celebrates life of Kane Young

HUMBOLDT, Tenn. — Family and friends gathered together at Stigall gym and Westside Park in Humboldt this afternoon to remember the life of Kane Young.

Young drowned in a pool back in July 2010, and today would mark his 25th birthday.

People who knew Young said he was a good student, christian, and athlete, playing football for Humboldt high school. His mom, Latoya Currie said, its important to keep him alive in this way, so that family members, old and new, can remember the kind of person he was.

“Since then, he has three nephews and two nieces, so we want them to know who he was because he was just the type of person you just love, you just couldn’t get enough of,” said Currie.

Young’s family hosted a cookout with food, drinks, music, and a bounce house for the children. Currie said, Young loved music, dancing, and football, and would love it if he were there to see his community coming together in memory of him.

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