Freed-Hardeman welcomes hundreds of new students

HENDERSON, Tenn. — Summer is winding down, and new college students are preparing to move on campus.

It was the start of a busy weekend at Freed-Hardeman University as nearly 400 students moved into the residence halls, ready to begin a new journey.

Identical twins and incoming freshmen Claire and Katie Morris were greeted by upperclassmen, ready to help move them into their  dorms.

“I’m ready to get to know people and make new friends and connections,” Katie Morris said.

“It’s called ‘Welcome Home,’ and I definitely feel like we’ve been welcomed home here,” Claire Morris said.

President of the university David Shannon says this year’s class is made up of students from all over the country, and it is important to make them feel at home.

“I met students from California, Texas and Michigan as well as states all around Tennessee,” Shannon said. “So this is going to be home for them. We are thankful for that.”

New students and parents were invited to a welcome barbecue where they could learn more about the university and what Henderson has to offer.

“They can learn about garages because parents like to know there is a place to get their student’s cars fixed and clinics, things like that,” Director of Alumni Donna Steele said.

But Shannon said one thing is most important.

“We want them to know this is a place they can come, and they can belong,” said Shannon. “They will be loved, and whatever their potential is, we’re going to help them meet that.”

Classes start Aug. 23 for students.

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