Search parties look for missing Alamo man


CROCKETT COUNTY, Tenn. — The Crockett County community says they need your help as search parties track through woods and fields in search of an Alamo man that has been missing for 48 hours.

Deputies say 22-year-old Logan Hopper was last seen before noon on Saturday.

“The heat is hard and stuff, and it would be hard for a person to make it out here, even if they were just hurt, but he’s a tough little fella. He’s like his daddy,” said Logan Hopper’s father, Rodney Hopper.

Hopper’s parents say they need your help to find their son.

“I’ll walk out there, crawl out there, it don’t make no difference,” Hopper said. “If they let me know what I could do, I’ll do it.”

Sheriff Troy Klyce says Logan and another man were driving a truck when it reportedly got stuck in a field around 11 a.m.

“At some point during that time, they became separated, and then Logan hadn’t been seen since,” Sheriff Klyce said.

Logan Hopper

After the sheriff’s department says they exhausted all leads, there was nothing left to do but search.

“We’re looking for anything — clothes, shoe prints, tracks in the grass, in the bushes, weeds,” said Sgt. Allan Gilliland of the Criminal Investigation Division. “Just anything we can come up with.”

Search parties say so far they’ve covered about a mile radius of where the truck was found, but they say the terrain of the area makes tracking difficult.

“The woods are thick, briars. The cotton is waist high on us. There’s a lot of beans out here,” Sgt. Gilliland said.

Friends, family, members of the community and a number of law enforcement agencies set out around 10:30 a.m. Monday and plan to continue until the sheriff’s department says they have exhausted all means.

“We’re getting more and more worried the more stuff we hear, and it’s just upsetting,” Hopper said. “We just hope he’s all right.”

If you would like to join the search for Hopper, the Crockett County Sheriff’s Department says to contact them at 731-696-2104.

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