Powerball jackpot soars to more than $750 million


JACKSON, Tenn. —  Wednesday night’s Powerball Jackpot created a lot of buzz across the area, causing many people to find the nearest location to purchase those lucky tickets.

The Powerball jackpot climbed higher and higher, setting a record as the second largest amount in U.S. history. Someone may have already won big, taking home over $750 million.

“I’ll take a chance on winning 700 and something million dollars,” Powerball player Danny Wells said.

It was a busy day for convenience stores in West Tennessee as many people exchanged their cash for Powerball tickets.

“I don’t have to win it all. I’m not greedy. But just give me a little share of it and I’ll go on,” Powerball player Shelly Chessor said.

Here in Tennessee, players have won more than $1.8 billion in Powerball prizes since 2004, but there’s always a chance there will be no winner.

“It’s pretty slim, but if you don’t play, you won’t win,” Powerball player Bradley Medley said.

The odds are one in 292 million, but with the odds against you, why continue to play? “I guess everybody got a vice, and that’s my vice,” Powerball player Charles Ervin said.

“The temptation I think of possibly winning anything,” Powerball player Jennifer Ayers said.

Some players already made plans to spend the money if they win the big jackpot. “Probably help some family members that need help and have fun,” Powerball player Kelley Bane said.

“First of all, I’ll give 10 percent to the Lord, give that to the church or course, and then just hopefully get some bills paid and things taken care of,” Ayers said.

“I’m going to go on a long vacation and get real quiet somewhere for awhile, have to think this through, but there will be so much good I can do. I’d have a good time,” Chessor said.

Some players had their lucky numbers already picked out while others will go with random picks. “I’m going to let the machine decide,” Chessor said.

The Tennessee Lottery reminds all players to always sign your ticket immediately after purchasing and to play responsibly.

If you missed the winning numbers Wednesday night, they are 6-7-16-23-26 and the Powerball was 4.

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