Simulator offers Carroll Co. students lesson in drunken driving dangers

CARROLL COUNTY, Tenn. — Students at one Carroll County school got a first-hand experience on why drinking and driving is so dangerous, and it’s all thanks to a special grant given to one sheriff’s office.

“It’s taught me the greater importance of trying to be the preventative of that happening,” Lt. Allen Castleman of the Madison County Sheriff’s Department said.

After decades of service in law enforcement, Castleman can now give back in a new way.

“To make it a rolling public service announcement about the dangers of impaired and distracted driving,” Castleman said.

He’s talking about a trailer the Madison County Sheriff’s Department purchased thanks to a ThreeStar grant last year.

Lt. Castleman visited future law enforcement Wednesday using vision goggles and a drunk driving simulator to get the message across.

“It’s a fun way to learn, and if it’s just someone who is giving a lecture, a lot of times young people will just shut off, but if it’s something hands-on and something they can experience, then they usually learn better that way, ” Castleman said.

The trailer is wrapped with images showing the dangers behind the wheel.

If you think you are hearing a lecture when Castleman speaks, think again.

Castleman put the students to the test, and it only takes moments for students to realize driving drunk is no joke.

The sheriff’s office also says if you see a drunk or distracted driver, simply say something.

“Law enforcement involvement, it can lead to medical involvement and unfortunately it can lead to death,” Castleman said.

It’s not just for students. The trailer can be booked for any event.

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