Dojo owner hosts martial arts seminar at JSCC

JACKSON, Tenn. — People of all ages and belt colors were at Jackson State Community College Friday for the 8th annual Kobudo Martial Arts Seminar.

Representatives say Kobudo was created to celebrate and honor the traditional martial arts of various countries.

That’s why dojo owner and sensei master Sherwin Moore is holding the non-competitive format seminar with instructors from places including China, Korea, Japan, Brazil and the Philippines.

“This is open to all style of martial arts, all skill levels, so it’s really great for someone who’s never practiced the martial arts before and say, ‘hey, I want to get involved in the martial arts, I literally have nowhere to start, I don’t know where I should begin,'” Moore said. “This here will give you a taste of all the martial arts that are in the local area.”

The seminar will also be held Saturday in the JSCC gymnasium. The participation fee is $40.

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