Local church celebrates Friends and Families all month long

JACKSON, Tenn.— “We are so excited to have all of our friends and our families to come back home and just worship and praise the lord with us today,” Lynn McGoughy, Chairperson for the event, said.

Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church has been celebrating friends and family all month long.  Today they wrapped up the month with a big worship service.

“Well we’re looking for a high praise service,” Shelia Lancaster, a church leader, said.  “We have invited people from all over the community, we have been out in the community passing out flyers and we hope that everyone will just come and enjoy servicing the lord today.”

Doctor Logan Hampton, the President of Lane College, was the guest speaker this morning.  The choir as well as the youth gave special presentations in honor of friends and family day. Everyone that came out to Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church on Sunday for the friends and family celebration got a purple ribbon to put on themselves so everyone felt like family.

“Purple is more of a warm feeling color so we hope people feel warm in our church today,” Lancaster said.

Members were very happy to have family from all over with them today, and were glad to see people spending real quality time together.

“Today’s people they don’t sit at the table and eat together,” Marcella Brown-Luster, one of the church members, said.  “You got the cell phones so to be able to interact with our church members on the day, I’m gonna say the whole month.  It has been wonderful, and this is something we need to get back to doing. We really do.”

They hope that this month has taught their families that having a strong church body starts long before they walk through the doors Sunday morning.

“We have been focused on bringing prayer into the homes and scripture into the homes,” McGoughy said.  “So we want our love for Christ to start at home and then we’ll have a wonderful and fruitful church family as well.”

Next month they will have a women’s day at the church.  And all month long will be empowering women all over Jackson.

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