Humboldt woman accused of human trafficking appears in court

MILAN, Tenn. — A Humboldt woman charged with human trafficking of a minor appeared Wednesday in Milan court.

Veronica Boykin, 33, is accused of forcing her teenage niece to have sex with a man in exchange for drugs. The victim, whose testimony lasted nearly an hour, says her aunt was in the same car where the alleged rape happened but didn’t help.

Boykin’s lawyer argued there was no DNA evidence nor was the victim able to describe the accused rapist. The judge ruled there was probable cause in the case.

“The bond is reasonable under the circumstances. Again, I would point out I am troubled by the status of this being a minor,” Milan General Sessions Judge Collins Bonds said.

The judge denied the request for a lower bond. Boykin’s case will go before the Gibson County grand jury Sept. 11.

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