Trees, power lines down across Hub City after big storm

JACKSON, Tenn. — Residents across the Hub City woke up Friday to downed power lines and trees. No matter where you live, there is damage to be found.

Whether you’re out south by Bemis or north of the city, the remnants of Hurricane Harvey shook the Hub City Thursday night.

“Around 10:30 I want to say, I heard this tree fall, but I didn’t get up to check it,” north Jackson resident Phillip Love said.

Love lives on North Royal Street and says although he didn’t get up to check, there’s no mistaking the sound.

“I pretty much knew what it was, but I didn’t think there were any damage to our house so I didn’t get up to check, but you can see my neighbor’s house caught the damage,” Love said.

Luckily there was no real damage to his or his neighbor’s home. But just up the road, Jackson police blocked parts of North Royal Street after a limb knocked down power lines.

“It was blowing down trees and limbs, and I saw one tree that was halfway broken on the highway,” Love said.

Also in north Jackson, a tree blocking the road and several power lines down had Rosenblum Drive completely closed.

According to an online Jackson Energy Authority map, at one point over a thousand people were without power.

“When I was coming home, I saw a tree down but I didn’t think anything would happen to us. I guess nobody is safe,” Love said.

Madison County Emergency Management Director Marty Clements said at midnight on Thursday over 17 areas across the county had either downed trees or power lines.

JEA is updating their website every 10 minutes with current outages across the city so you can stay informed. You can see their outage map at

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