Over 100 farmers turn out for ‘Cotton Tour Field Day’

JACKSON, Tenn. — Over 100 cotton farmers paid the Hub City a visit to learn a little bit more about their prized jewel.

“It’s very important to them that they get the latest information that we have coming from the research program,” Director Bob Hayes said.

Hayes says that’s the goal of the Cotton Tour Field Day at the University of Tennessee Institute of Agriculture.

“We present things about variety and fertility, pest management, weeds, insects and diseases,” Hayes said.

Don’t think it’s a lecture type of event. The farmers hopped on-board tractors and went into the field to get up close and personal with the Tennessee gold.

“They’d be able to see the plots and evaluate in their mind what has done well and what hasn’t done well,” Hayes said.

Farmer Garret Montgomery says it’s a great opportunity to stay informed.

“Cotton is one of the staple crops of Tennessee, and UT does a good job supplying a lot of information on weed control, insects, pest and cotton, and it’s a great place to come get information that’s up to date,” Montgomery said.

Montgomery has been attending for over seven years and says learning about his craft is a must.

“I think it’s imperative. I’m a company rep and we have our own opinions, but I think it’s imperative farmers have the non-biased opinions from UT,” Montgomery said.

Officials say now is crunch time to plant the seeds of knowledge.

“Many of them will be making decisions within the next few months of what they are doing next year,” Hayes said.

Officials say they would have had more farmers here, but because it was a beautiful day, many of those farmers were tending to the corn crops instead.

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