Local ministry “Women of Action” hosts empowerment event

JACKSON, Tenn. — A local women’s ministry came together today in east Jackson today to encourage, empower, and motivate.

The ministry is called Women of Action. Event organizer Terisa Kimmins said, the message of today’s event was to remind woman that they can be whatever they desire to be.

She said, no matter what people may say about you, you should always have confidence in yourself because you were wonderfully and uniquely made in the eyes of god.

“So many times women and young ladies, they’re looking for validation from people to tell them they’re beautiful or take them out to eat or buy them something,” said Kimmins.

The event featured prayer, poems, songs, speeches, and a variety of vendors from across the volunteer state.

Kimmins said, all of the vendors represented businesses founded by woman.

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