Man who found Holly Bobo’s skull testifies in court


HARDIN COUNTY, Tenn. — An emotional moment in the biggest trial to hit West Tennessee came when the man who found the skull of Holly Bobo took the stand Wednesday.

“I see another ginseng plant, and then something caught my eye,” Ernest Stone said.

Stone was in Decatur County looking for ginseng in the woods with his cousin when he came across something that would change the search for Holly Bobo.

“I walked over to the bucket and I picked it up, and then a feeling came over me. Something told me to turn around,” Stone said. “I’m sitting there thinking in my head, why is a three-gallon bucket sitting here upside down in the woods?”

He says he almost ignored it, but something inside him wouldn’t let him.

“My instincts said turn around, and that’s when I found what I found,” Stone said. When asked what did he find, he told the court is was Holly Bobo’s skull.

Stone says he was speechless.

“At first I couldn’t get anything out of my mouth I was so stunned,” Stone said.

He says he was hoping his cousin would tell him something different.

“I looked at him and said ‘please tell me that’s one of those things they use in school’ and he said no, it’s real,” Stone recalled. “That’s when I looked at him and said ‘you know who it could be?’ And he said ‘who do you think?'”

Before he could say Holly Bobo, he broke down in tears.

It was a moment not only choking up Stone but everyone in the courtroom.

Stone says he alerted police to his finding.

Zach Adams is one of three men charged in the disappearance and death of the 20-year-old nursing student.

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