The prosecution rests their case as week two of the Holly Bobo murder trial begins

HARDIN COUNTY, Tenn. — Monday marked day seven of the Holly Bobo murder trial. Witness testimony continued in the case of Zachary Adams, one of three men charged with the kidnapping, rape, and murder of the 20 year old Decatur County nursing student.

Tennessee inmates took the stand Monday, to tell the story of their brush with Zachary Adams.

Inmate Jason Kirk says, while at court in Crocket County, he overheard Adams ask another inmate to deliver a message to Adam’s brother, Dylan.

“He said, ‘tell him if he doesn’t keep his f****** mouth shut, I’m going to plant him next to that b****,'” said Kirk.

…but the defense says, it wouldn’t be unusual for inmates, especially those in protective custody like Adams, to brag to other inmates.

Next, former inmate, Chris Swift, testified he was friends with Adams in jail and spoke with him daily. He says, even though he doesn’t say Zach is an innocent man, he doesn’t say he is a killer either.

“He wasn’t involved in the killing, is how he worded it. He said, ‘I wasn’t involved in the killing. I was involved in the worst part of it,'” said Swift.

Both men mentioning Adams’ confidence in his case.

“He said, ‘but I’m not worried.’ He said, ‘they don’t have no body. They don’t have no gun. They don’t have no conviction,'” Kirk said.

The prosecution also showed a picture from Adam’s Facebook page, of him in the woods wearing camouflage titled, “Who am I looking for?”

Just before 3 pm, the prosecution rested their case. The defense began by asking for an acquittal of charges, which Judge McGinley denies.

Rita Austin, Shayne Austin’s mother, is the first defense witness to take the stand.

She says her son was often in a bad place with drugs.

“I said, he does really well if he don’t have any money, but he went to work with him, and he got a hold to money, and he started right back using again,” said Austin.

She says her son was friends with Adams, that is, until his suicide in February of 2015 in a hotel room in Florida.

“We were in the process of going to rescue him, and we got down there, and he was dead,” Shayne’s mother said. “He was in his room, locked in, and he was dead.”

…but she insists her son is innocent, even after being aware of his initial immunity agreement.

Austin’s aunt, Judy Evans, was the second defense witness to testify. She says, after looking at the run down barn on her property where the alleged rape happened, nothing seemed out of place.

“I opened up the doors and looked in, and I didn’t see anything either. It looked exactly like it always did. It was falling down. It was the same thing. I didn’t notice anything disturbed,” said Evans.

Day eight will be the first full day the defense will have the opportunity to present their case, as the trial continues tomorrow morning in Savannah.

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