Testimony continues in week 2 of Holly Bobo murder trial

HARDIN COUNTY, Tenn. — What could be the beginning of the last week of the trial of Zach Adams began Monday morning in Hardin County.

Terry Britt

Adams is accused along with two others of raping and killing Holly Bobo six years ago.

The trial got off to an early start, beginning at 8:30 Monday morning rather than the usual 9 a.m. start.

A dispatcher for the Decatur County 911 system testified about emergency calls. The jury heard playback of a 911 call between a dispatcher and Dick Adams, Zach Adams’ grandfather.

The judge called a recess shortly to allow defense attorneys a chance to prepare for the testimony of Terry Britt, who is serving time for kidnapping and attempted rape.

Britt was once a suspect in Bobo’s death. He was never charged in connection with the case.

The state then called Anthony Phoenix to the Stand. His connection to the suspect is that he used to do drugs with Zach Adams.

Phoenix talked about a car ride with Adams in which Adams said “I couldn’t have picked a prettier [expletive],” and that “It was fun.” Phoenix said Adams did not mention Bobo’s name in the conversation.

Next on the stand was Jamie Darnell, who described an incident in which he said Zach Adams fired a gun near Darnell’s girlfriend’s head.

The judge started the court’s one-hour lunch recess early because the heat came on in the courtroom.

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