Testimony wraps up in day 9 of Holly Bobo murder trial

HARDIN COUNTY, Tenn —  The long-awaited trial for Zach Adams, one of the men accused of kidnapping, raping, and killing Decatur county nursing student Holly Bobo, nears its end. The defense rested its case Wednesday afternoon.

after nine days of testimony, from dozens of key people, both the state and defense have rested their case. Wednesday the defense team called their last few witnesses, hoping to prove Zach Adams innocence.

The defense called former TBI special agent James Garnett to the stand. Garnett did an analysis on Terry Britt’s computer in 2012, Britt was a suspect early on in the investigation. Garnett said he found several porn sites on Britt’s computer, searching words like rape, abduction and kidnapping.

“On these it was nudevista.com and the user typed anal rape into the search box,” Garnett said.

This was a last attempt by the defense to point the finger at Britt as the one responsible for Holly Bobo’s death.

“Web history again from nudevista.com in the search box of the top of that the user typed rape and scene,” Garnett said.

The defense rested its case Wednesday afternoon after calling their last witness, shortly after Zach Adams was given an opportunity to testify.

Judge Creed McGinley said “Is it your election not to give testimony?” Zach Adams responded “Yes sir, that’s correct,”

Adams declined to take the stand, which led to the state presenting rebuttal proof. The state called on Dana Bobo, Holly’s father, and lead investigator with the TBI Jack Vanhooser. Vanhooser was in charge of the West TN Criminal Investigation Division, a fresh set of eyes on the case.

“The case agent on the case needed to be benched he needed to be put on an administrative duty as opposed to following leads,” Vanhooser said.

Vanhooser says he was referring to ex-TBI agent Terry Dicus. “He had lost his objectivity he had tunnel vision on a particular suspect and was not objective about all of the facts coming into the case,” Vanhooser explained.

Judge McGinley said the state and defense will present closing arguments Thursday, after the jury is read the charge. The defense also filed a motion for acquittal, but Judge McGinley said the counts will not be dismissed.

After closing arguments, the jury should be able to begin deliberations Thursday afternoon. The trial continues Thursday morning in Savannah.

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