Pinwheels for Peace spin at Community Montessori School

JACKSON, Tenn. — Thursday is the International Day of Peace, and one local school chose a creative way to celebrate.

“Conflict is not always solved with fighting,” Aidan DeSpain, a seventh grader at Community Montessori School, said.

Pinwheels for Peace is a non-political way for students to show they stand for peace. This project started in 2005 by art teachers in Florida.

“All of our children have created pinwheels that, if you can imagine it, as it spins releases world peace,” Dr. Callie Dollar, a reading and language teacher, said.

Students got to decorate the pinwheels, both large and small, however they wanted.

“Mine’s just blue and purple because my mom’s favorite color is purple and my brother’s favorite color is blue,” seventh grader Kirsten Herron said.

Students hope that as people drive by, it will remind them of what the day stands for.

“To show the community that today is just a really important day and in the entire world it’s a cease-fire day,” DeSpain said. “We just need to stop fighting and respect people.”

Last year on International Day of Peace, more than 4.5 million pinwheels were planted in more than 3,500 locations.

Teaching peace is also part of Community Montessori’s curriculum. The students have learned several ways to pass along peace.

“Help people and be kind to people and be faithful,” Tyler Collins, a kindergartner, said. “Open the door for them and help them up, and ‘thank you.'”

Thursday at noon, the entire school will participate in a moment of silence to continue thinking about world peace.

The pinwheels will be outside of the school for the rest of the day Thursday and then collected Friday morning.

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