Fall Returns!

Weather Update:


We endured a long stretch of hot and humid weather over the last couple weeks. But as advertised. Fall has arrived back in west Tennessee. We’ll keep the fall like temperatures through much of the weekend. Today we’ll still make it to about 80 degrees for the high temperatures, however with dew point temperatures in the 50s it feels pretty nice overall.  Tonight temperatures will plummet as clear skies allow for rapid cooling overnight. We’ll drop into the mid to lower 50s for most of the area. The air condition will get a nice break.

Temperatures will rise as we go into next week as a ridge rebuilds over the eastern US through early next week. Although the latest data only builds in through Friday, before another upper trough drops in and brings another shot of Fall back to the east. Ill have another check of the forecast coming up on Midday/Noon 11:30 AM ABC 7 / 12:00 PM CBS 7.


Storm Team Meteorologist
Moe Shamell
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