Local College hosts career fair

JACKSON, Tenn. — Lane College held their graduate and professional school day Thursday.

“We’re hoping our students gain knowledge on how to not only apply and be admitted into graduate school and know there are different options as well as seek employment and what employment options are out there in our area,” said Katrina Tate, assistant director of career services at Lane.

This event is part of their homecoming week festivities. They hold the career fair twice a year for their students.

“It’s important to introduce our scholars to their opportunities early,” said Sherry Rutherford, career coach and employer relations liaison at Lane.

They encourage students from freshmen to seniors to attend each semester.

Students that attended the job fair on Thursday saw it as a good thing because it gave them ideas of what they might want to do once they graduate.

Tristan Wakefiled is a sophomore at Lane and is planning to start his own business.

“I actually love it. It’s great. It’s a lot of information,” Wakefield said. “Lane is a wide school with a lot of different perspectives, so it’s very informative.”

Other students, like Vinecca Hayes, say this job fair is bringing them peace of mind about the future.

“Usually when you get straight out of college, a lot of students don’t have anywhere to go or don’t have a job, so this is pretty helpful,” Hayes said.

School officials say they hope this gives students a concrete direction of what’s next once they graduate.

Lane College’s homecoming week will wrap up Saturday with the parade and homecoming football game.

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