Students spruce up park in Bemis

JACKSON, Tenn. — Students and staff with West Bemis Middle School cleaned up Stella Duncan Park in Bemis on Friday.

“We do community service and we help our school and we set an example for others,” Camryn Burkhead, an eighth grader, said.

Sixth, seventh, and eighth grade Beta Club students picked up trash, planted flowers and set up a fall display. Crews with the city of Jackson helped guide the group.

“It’s very barren and it needs work,” Beta Club Sponsor Vicki Jones said.

Jones, who also teaches math, said they hope the cleanup brings this community together. “Just a few people can make a difference and [we hope] that it will snowball others to participate and make a difference in the community as well,” she said.

Teachers said local businesses,  parents, staff and students donated supplies. “We are just making it pretty so they want to come to the park and they have something to do rather than just sitting at home,” Beta Club Sponsor Emily Haltom said.

Advisers said Beta Club students must complete nine community service hours each nine weeks. “It makes me feel like important I guess because we’re helping the community,” Burkhead said.

The group hopes their hard work makes people want to visit the park.

Jones said R & J Feed Supply, Walmart and Four Seasons Nursery all donated supplies for Friday’s cleanup.