Future nurses get hands on emergency response training

JACKSON, Tenn. — Graduating Union University nursing students put their book smarts to the test, getting some practical experience during emergency response training.

“It was really cool,” Union nursing student Nicole Eichman said. “It’s cool to have that experience. You’re never going to get this.”

These senior Union bulldog nursing students try to find their way through a room filled with smoke during the final day of community emergency response training.

“A little bit of everything,” Madison County EMA Director Marty Clements said. “Just giving them some exposure to whats going to be out in the real world once they get there.”

The voluntary 16 hour program is part classroom, but also puts students through an obstacle course in the dark and attempting to save someone who’s trapped under a structure. Things emergency responders could encounter any given day.

“Having that exposure, being able to handle disaster situations in crisis times is a great was for us to be prepared to handle these situations and know what to do,” Eichman said.

Things like using a fire extinguisher seem simple on paper, but this training is putting those theory’s to the test with some hands on experience.

“Most people have never used a fire extinguisher,” Clements said. “So they don’t know exactly what the expectations are of being able to put out a fire.”

With these future nurses nearing graduation. the skills learned during this training could save lives outside of a hospital.

“So if you live in a community and you understand these premise you can start improvising and using materials there to help save someone,” Clements said.

“We don’t know those things, but now we do,” Eichman said.

If any neighborhoods, business or church groups want to get signed up for the CERT training, call the Madison County Emergency Management Office.