Tennessee Education Lottery Educator of the Week: Lisa Vogan

JACKSON, Tenn. — This week’s Educator of the Week presented by the Tennessee Education Lottery teaches elementary students right here in Jackson.

Lisa Vogan has been teaching first grade at Arlington Elementary School for three years. She’s been at Arlington since she was a student teacher.

“So I student taught right across the hallway from where I am now,” Vogan said.

She went to the University of Memphis Lambuth to get her degree in education. She says all the teachers throughout her time in school influenced her to follow in their footsteps.

“I’ve had great teachers throughout the entire time I was in school, and I had a stay-at-home mom who always worked with us and read to us every day, so education has always been important,” Vogan said.

Her room is decorated with all things Dr. Seuss, and she tries to incorporate his books into her lessons as often as possible.

“I love Dr. Seuss, especially ‘Oh, The Places You’ll Go,'” Vogan said. “I grew up reading those books, and my teachers read them to us.”

Her students are the reason she loves doing her job.

“I love teaching because of my students. That’s why I do it,” Vogan said. “They inspire me every single day.”

Vogan will now be eligible for the statewide Tennessee Education Lottery Educator of the Month Award. Starting in November, to vote for her or any of the other nominees, visit seehowitaddsup.com.

To nominate a teacher for our weekly award, email us at educator@wbbjtv.com.

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