State education commissioner visits Carroll Co. school

CARROLL COUNTY, Tenn. — The Tennessee Board of Education commissioner made a stop Wednesday in West Tennessee.

Hollow Rock-Bruceton Central Elementary and High School has been designated as an exemplary school.

“We have such great teachers and staff that worked really hard this past year and we just had outstanding improvement and something to be proud of,” David Duncan, director of schools in Carroll County, said.

Board of Education Commissioner Candice McQueen got a tour of the school Wednesday. It started with hearing from students in leadership positions at the school.

“I’m in a district today that is an exemplary district, and they’re doing some great work to make sure all kids are achieving,” McQueen said.

She then visited four classrooms. She spoke with students and the teachers to get their perspective of how the schools are doing.

“We have engaging work happening in the classroom and certainly we are motivating kids through things that are very academic, but also how we act non-academically and the relationship side is really important to motivate all of our students,” McQueen said.

McQueen says the state is getting positive results back from tests taken by the students. She wants to encourage teachers and students to keep raising the bar.

“I want to say keep going,” McQueen said. “The work here in Tennessee is extraordinarily meaningful.”

Commissioner McQueen had four more stops Wednesday as she continued to visit every school district in Tennessee.

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