Candidates are ready for Election Day in Humboldt

HUMBOLDT, Tenn. — Early voting has ended and it’s almost Election Day in Humboldt.

Humboldt voters will cast their ballots for mayor, alderman and an alcohol referendum in this fall’s election.

The current city mayor, Marvin Sikes, is seeking to get re-elected for a second term.

“All of us have accomplished a lot of things,” Mayor Marvin Sikes said. “But one of the biggest things that I feel really good about is our relationships with our whole community.”

Both the mayor and his opponent, Humboldt business woman Tammie Porter, plan to address the city’s drainage problem and vacant homes.

“We need some activities for our kids in Humboldt,” Humboldt mayoral candidate Tammie Porter said. “We also need to get some of these houses torn down. And we need to get this place cleaned up.”

James Shivers is the current alderman for Ward 1. He says in a statement he will continue “Voting “Yes” to the laws that will make our city better … and I want to be a part in making these areas better for the citizens of Humboldt.”

In the last election, Shivers beat Bobby Barnett who served as an alderman for 29 years. Barnett is back in the race.

“I was Vice Mayor for two terms for the city of Humboldt,” Ward 1 alderman candidate Bobby Barnett said. “I feel like my experience will help the city.”

The candidates explain why voting for them would be good for the city.

“I love my city. I love my people,” Mayor Sikes said. “I’ve proven that in the last four years. Just look forward to that and leading our city into some new beginnings.”

“If I was elected I would love to see people moving back to Humboldt instead of moving out,” Porter said.

“I want the city of Humboldt to grow, and that’s what we need,” Barnett said.

Vice Mayor Leon McNeil, Ward 3 Alderman Don Graves, Ward 4 Alderman Bob Pruitt and Ward 5 Alderman Donna Johnson are running unopposed.

Voters will also vote on a referendum for or against the legal sale of alcohol in the city of Humboldt.

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