The Price is Right ‘comes on down’ to Jackson


JACKSON, Tenn. — Thousands of people “came on down” to the Carl Perkins Civic Center on Friday to be a part of one of the longest-running game shows on television.

The Price Is Right Live came to Jackson Friday night. Hundreds of people lined the Civic Center hoping to be a contestant on the interactive game show.

“I’m here to get a right price, and I will win,” attendee Eugenia Williamson said.

Many attendees came from all across West Tennessee, but some traveled even farther.

“We’ve already came on down from Kentucky,” Natalie Adams said.

Many people waited in line for hours, not for tickets but the chance to be a lucky contestant.

“Got up early this morning, got in the line and number one,” Elizabeth Grandberry said.

“I had to be here on time, wasn’t going to miss this for nothing,” Terry Taylor said.

Some of the people in the crowd say they’ve waited years to be a part of the game show.

“I’ve been watching since 1972 when Bob Barker started in my mom’s living room,” Tyra Mitchell said. “So it’s been a dream come true, baby, and I’m ready to win and spin the wheel.”

“I have watched The Price is Right ever since I was big enough to open my eyes,” another attendee, Darlene Liberto, said. “It was my mom’s favorite game. I video it every day and watch it when I get home from work.”

Contestants had an opportunity to win cash, appliances, vacations and possibly even a new car.