DEA raids home in west Madison County

MADISON COUNTY, Tenn. — The Drug Enforcement Administration raided a house Thursday morning near the Huntersville community in Madison County.

“It was a warrant served for out here at the house on 8 Lane Road,” property owner Bruce Bradley said.

Bradley says he owns the property but let his daughter and her boyfriend stay there for the last few years.

“Two years ago, my daughter was killed in a car wreck. It was her boyfriend, and I just let him go ahead and stay out here,” Bradley said.

He says the early morning news comes as a shock.

“There’s never been any drugs out here at this house that I knew of, and that’s what they said they were serving a search warrant for. They have ATF out here and that’s Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms,” Bradley said.

The DEA is leading the raid but had help from the ATF, Madison County Sheriff’s Department and Jackson police. 

“I think they took him to jail,” Bradley said.

Officials are remaining tight lipped but our cameras were there as the property was searched from top to bottom. Officials also used drug dogs to search the property.

Several items were loaded up onto trucks and trailers and taken.

“I knew he had guns and everything because he shoots guns, but I thought they were all legal. I never asked him if he stole them or anything because he usually doesn’t buy any stolen weapons that I know of,” Bradley said.

Bradley says his grandchildren are his main concern.

“My grand kids lived out here, and I would come and pick them up every once in a while. I never had any problems or anything,” Bradley said.

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