JMCSS Superintendent Eric Jones talks 10-year capital plan

JACKSON, Tenn.–  “Thinking ten years down the road where we want Jackson to be,” Jackson-Madison County School Superintendent Dr. Eric Jones said.

That’s the goal of the proposed $148 million 10-year capital plan Jones proposed to the JMCSS School Board.

“We really wanted to make best use of those dollars we are going to be asking for from the county making sure we are moving Jackson ahead.” Jones said.

The school board unanimously approved the plan Thursday to improve schools and rezone students in some areas.

“The K-8 out in the northwest we are proposing. Also a middle school or K-8 in the east cluster,” Jones said. “Looking at moving Lincoln to Whitehall and looking at building a wing on to Whitehall to accommodate the size of Lincoln.” Jones said.

This plan would also possibly turn North Parkway Middle School into a K-8 school and would have it feed into Northside High School.

It would also move Madison Academic over to the University of Memphis Lambuth campus.

“We also wanted to make sure we looked at buildings that were 50-60 years old … Did it make more sense investing 9 or 10 million into those schools as opposed to consolidating those schools and building new ones.” Jones said.

We asked the big question: What about vision 2020?

“I look at Vision 2020 as getting our buildings to capacity and now it’s time getting to the next phase, and that’s making sure our buildings are safe places and they can feel good about being in school,” Jones said.

Jones says his proposal would save the district money but ultimately change needs to happen.

“We still have that need. The need didn’t go away. We are just looking at how we are going to use the funds we are requesting,” Jones said.

Jones stresses this proposal was not done in haste. He says his team worked long and hard to make sure the students in the school system would have the best opportunities.

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