Famous pastor’s home moved to Union University

JACKSON, Tenn. — A piece of Southern Baptist history that has been moved to the campus of Union University opened its doors to the public today.

A team of representatives said, they moved this newly renovated cabin that renowned Pastor R.G. Lee grew up in. They said Lee was born in this cabin back back in 1886 at its originally location in South Carolina.

Organizers said Lee was born to a poor family of share croppers, which they said, helped mold him into the man he was most know as.

“R.G. Lee learned from an early age to work hard, and as he became a minster, he worked hard to present the gospel in a way that people would understand it and remember it,” said Dr. John Freeman who helped renovate the cabin.

R.G. Lee is well known for being the pastor at Bellevue Baptist Church in Memphis for over 30 years.

Visitors can set up tours by contacting the school of theology and missions at union university.

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