Hardin County Holiday Mart supports neighbors and local families in need

HARDIN COUNTY, Tenn. — Hardin County residents we spoke with say it is never to early to get in the holiday spirit, especially when it’s supporting children in your community who need it the most.

“They do this event to help needy children here in Hardin County. The children will get Christmas presents,” said event organizer Kay Rose.

It was the annual Holiday Mart, hosted by the non-profit organization, the Savannah Junior Auxiliary. With most vendors from right there in Hardin county, they say it was great to sell their unique items to their neighbors.

“And then they have a piece of something that they know you. Oh yeah, I know the guy that made that or I know the lady that handcrafted that. You have a connection,” said vendor Eddie Harrison.

Wendy Birchfield makes antique spoon jewelry, most of them anywhere from 50 to 100 years old.

“And I do a lot of custom made out of people’s grandmother’s silverware. Instead of putting it underneath the counter somewhere, they actually get to wear it and actually see it and appreciate it even more,” Birchfield said.

Harrison makes display cases from recycled wood.

“Here’s one of my cases. I put the history of the wood on the back, so that way you always will have it,” said Harrison, “and it came out of Olive Hill, Tennessee. This was a house that was torn down.”

All in all, everyone in the community seemed to be enjoying their first taste of holiday cheer, by supporting neighbors they knew and needy families they may never meet.

“It’s been a wonderful turnout with everybody that lives close by so, I just feel thankful to be part of something like this,” Birchfield said.

Donations to the Savannah Junior Auxiliary will be received in the form of booth fees as well as donations from the vendors. Businesses on Main Street in Downtown Savannah also kicked off the holiday season Sunday with a Christmas Open House.

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