Local collaborative workspace ‘theCO’ offers 9-week business program

JACKSON, Tenn. — A local collaborative workspace is offering an opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs starting a business or looking for guidance.

TheCO said it’s about to start its “Co.Starters” program.

According to Media and Facilities Manager Dan Drogosh, the program is a nine-week business boot camp that equips people with insights, relationships and tools needed to move ideas into action.


“Each week is a new topic about how to structure your business, marketing, accounting, and we bring in local professionals to help with that and talk to you about ways to structure that business,” Drogosh said.

Drogosh said what makes this different from other programs is it’s not a lecture but an interactive discussion, including a membership to theCO for the duration of the course.

“And there’s little takeaway assignments like go talk to three random people and ask them about your pricing structure, would you pay for this,” Drogosh said.

Local business owners said it’s a great opportunity. Photographer and t-shirt designer Kristi Woody said her company “Woody & Pearl Photography” became her full-time job after hard work, dedication and going through the program.

“I had a business license and I had things going in a legal way. I just didn’t know what I was doing,” Woody said. “But Co.Starters kind of gave me the knowledge I needed to make money, make profit on what I was doing.”

Other business owners like Dion Thornton of Above Average Sports, who’s been through the program, said it’s great if you’re learning how to market yourself.

“I felt that I needed some extra help and some guidance as far as trying to get things going in the right direction, so Co.Starters was the perfect program to do that,” Thornton said.

The program starts on Nov. 28. Organizers at theCO said thanks to First Tennessee Community Development Grants they were able to offset much of the program cost, so the fee is $150 for the full program, which includes course materials and CO:membership for the duration of the program.

College students are able to participate for the reduced rate of $100.

If you’d like to apply for the program, visit their website.

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