Trial date set for Dylan Adams; won’t face death penalty

SAVANNAH, Tenn. — The second man accused of the rape, murder and abduction of 20-year-old nursing student Holly Bobo is scheduled to stand trial less than a year after his brother was convicted of her murder.

John Dylan Adams appeared Tuesday in Hardin County Circuit Court to set up additional court dates leading up to a May 29 trial.

“I have moved this case as quickly as I could considering the huge amounts of discovery,” Judge Creed McGinley said. “Well over 100 agents worked on this, and it’s just mountains of discovery.”

Adams is accused of the kidnapping, rape and murder of Holly Bobo, the same charges his brother, Zach Adams, was convicted of back in September.

A spokesperson for the Bobo family said they want justice for Holly no matter how much time it takes.

“We’re here for the long haul as long as it takes, no matter how long it takes,” Bobo family pastor Don Franks said. “We believe it’s heading in the right direction.”

Prosecutors said they do not intend to seek the death penalty or life without parole.

Jury selection is expected to be done in Chattanooga. The next hearing for Dylan Adams is scheduled for Dec. 14.

Prosecutors said they will not address Jason Autry’s case until a jury trial or plea agreement.

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