Work underway on Brownsville Solar Farm project

BROWNSVILLE, Tenn — Construction is almost complete for a multi-million dollar solar farm project in Haywood county, it is been a¬†project two years in the making.

“It is a 3.9 megawatt solar farm,” Silicon Ranch Corporation President and CEO, Matt Kisber said.

Silicon Ranch Corporation, a company behind owning and operating solar energy plants in the United States, has invested millions of dollars into creating a solar farm in the city of Brownsville.

“Somewhere between 5 and 6 million dollars, so it’s a significant capital investment into the community,” Kisber said.

Officials with the company say there are 34,000 solar panels which will generate electricity from the sun. Officials said the panels will generate enough electricity to power 500 to 600 homes. Kisber said there are several benefits from the solar farm, starting with the construction process.

“We are spending about 3 months building this solar farm and that provides construction activity in the area,” said Kisber.

Kisber also said the farm can be used as an economic development tool to recruit businesses.

“So many businesses today want to be in communities that are embracing sustainability practices,” he said.

When construction is complete, Silicon Ranch will generate power and sell it to TVA.
Officials said the power will be used by homes and businesses, in and around the Brownsville area.

Kisber said the project would not have been possible without a strong partnership with city Mayor Bill Rawls and leaders with the Brownsville Energy Authority.

“Without their support, the partnership with TVA, the project would not have come to fruition,” said Kisber.

The solar farm will be completed and providing power by the end of this year.

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