South Side Hawks finish as state quarterfinalist

JACKSON, Tenn. — The state quarterfinals in South Jackson Friday night didn’t go as planned for South Side.

But lets talk about what went right for hawks football this season.

South side had a 1-9 record in the 2016 season.
One season later, the hawks went 8-5. Earning a spot in the 4-A state quarterfinals for the first time since 2004.

They finished second in the region, and was the only Jackson squad that was still in the state title race.

Although dropping the game by a point Friday hurt, South Side proved why they were one of top eight teams in the state.

“A few things didn’t go our way,” South Side Head Football Coach Tyler Reeder said. “We ended up coming on the short end, but these guys, I’m proud of them. For 48 minutes they gave me all they got and that all I ask for. And like I told them, there’s times in life that things are not going to go your way. And what you do and how you act when that thing happens, that all that matters. And the character that these kids got, and how they showed, and how they finished on this football field. It’s more than about football. So what these kids did out here, they ain’t got nothing to hold their head about I’m proud of them.”

To the 15 seniors on the hawks roster. Thank you for bringing back South Side football. A great season. The team will only get better next year.