Local gaming store expands just in time for the holidays

JACKSON, Tenn. — Many Jackson residents have been to or at least heard of Nerdvana, a local store that offers items such as comic books, video games, and board games, but if you’ve visited the space recently, you may have noticed there’s a little more of it than before.

An owner of Nerdvana says he has been chomping at the bit to expand this store since it opened back in 2011. Which is why he says they opened this gaming room earlier this month.

“It’s also open for people to just come and bring their friends and family and just play board games or just hang out or play magic against each other in preparation for tournaments,” said Paul Simer, co-owner of Nerdvana.

Simer says the space allows guests to rent a table as well as hold parties and overnight events; game consoles can be hooked up to each available television.

“If you’ve got a group of people that want to play board games together, they don’t want to meet at somebody’s house; you have to clean up your house, you have to make sure it’s available, you have to make sure everybody is cool with you having people over,” Simer said, “This is a nice neutral place where everybody can come and feel welcome and comfortable.”

Considering the Christmas season is right around the corner, we also asked the experts what they think is at the top of a gamers wish list.

“Every time people come in here looking for Christmas and they browse, as soon as they see the wall behind me, the retro games, the Nintendo systems and stuff like that; it’s like, ‘I never had this as a kid, and now I can get it,’ or ‘oh, so and so’s going to love this,'” said Tracie Simer, co-owner of Nerdvana.

They also say board games have come a long way since Monopoly and Chutes and Ladders.

“The first one is Bears vs Babies, and it sounds ridiculous because it is, in the best way. You build a monster that you have to fight an army of babies,” said Kevin Maness, Lackey at Nerdvana.

Gaming experts also say, bringing home the old school nostalgic games of your past, can be fun for everyone.

“You don’t have to worry about the content because they grew up with it,” Tracie said, “and they know that it’s good quality stuff for families.”

Nerdvana representatives say, starting December 1st, they will be holding events in their new gaming room seven days a week. They say they plan on holding the usual Pokémon and Magic the Gathering tournaments as well as bringing back board game nights and Dungeons and Dragons nights as well.

You can check out the schedule of events at Nerdvana at nerdvanastore.com

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