THP lands helicopter at Huntingdon Primary School to visit students

HUNTINGDON, Tenn. — Teachers and students at Huntingdon Primary School got a visit Monday morning from troopers with the Tennessee Highway Patrol. The students have been learning all about Tennessee for the past month.

“We’ve been studying geography in our third grade social studies classes, the geography of the state,” Huntingdon Primary School Principal Alan Eubanks said. “Thought it’d be nice for the kids to come in and see how the police officers factor into that.”

The students learned what it takes to become a trooper and what they do on a day-to-day basis. The teachers wanted the students to see that what they’re learning does matter.

“We wanted them to understand what they do today and all through school really affects their future,” Donna Williams, a third grade science and social studies teacher, said.

Once the troopers were done with their presentations, the students got to go outside and tour the vehicles.

The troopers showed the students different parts of their uniform and what is inside their vehicles.

“That we get to see the stuff they do in the helicopter and how they do it and how they fly it,” Brayden Davis, a third grader, said.

The school hopes to make this a yearly event.

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