Application deadline approaching for ‘Shop with a Cop’

MILAN, Tenn. — For families who need a little help buying gifts for the holidays, time is almost running out to apply.

“A lot of them will have nothing when they wake up Christmas morning,” Milan Police Chief Bobby Sellers said.

Parents not being able to afford Christmas presents for their children is a burden local officers want to change through “Shop with a Cop.” The annual event gives local kids a reason to smile.

“We wake up with our kids at home and they’ve got stuff under the tree,” Chief Sellers said. “We know that 80 or 100 other kids here in Milan will be able to do that also.”

Every year, kids have an officer accompany them as a shopping buddy to buy Christmas gifts. But for the men and women behind the badge, it’s about more than just buying gifts.

“Our children are our future, and when they spend time with that officer, we’re hoping that we will make an impression on the kids that will last a lifetime,” Chief Sellers said.

Applications are due Friday, Dec. 1, at the Milan Police Department.

In Jackson, the Salvation Army is accepting applications until Nov. 28 for the Fraternal Order of Police’s “Shop with a Cop.”

“A lot of times we see people and kids during real difficult times,” Jackson Police Capt. Jeff Shepard said. “And this is a good thing, so it’s nice to be able to give back.”

“To know that we are the good guys and we’re here to help them,” Chief Sellers said. “And if they ever need the police, that the police are here to help them.”

Donations for Milan’s “Shop with a Cop” are being accepted at the police department.

To donate to the Fraternal Order of Police’s “Shop with a Cop,” visit