TDOT celebrates ‘Nobody Trashes Tennessee’ campaign with free car cleaning services

MADISON COUNTY, Tenn. — The Tennessee Department of Transportation’s new campaign, “Nobody Trashes Tennessee,” is all about keeping litter off the highways.

“Research shows that folks, especially women, wanted their cars clean and, rather than have a dirty car, they pushed it out onto the roadway,” TDOT representative Shawn Bible said.

They have been traveling the state offering a free car cleaning for drivers from Knoxville to Memphis. They also say even if things are biodegradable, don’t throw them out the window.

“It attracts animals to the roadsides. It can cause accidents and kill wildlife,” Bible said.

The cleaning crew even took time to clean out our news car. One driver says the highways in Tennessee are some of the cleanest he’s seen.

“I believe Tennessee has the best highways out of many states,” Art Sirois said. “I travel all the way from New York to Texas. I have been very impressed with Tennessee. Every highway, every rest stop is beautiful, so I’m impressed.”

And after the cleaning crew was done in Jackson on Tuesday, they were headed to Memphis to continue keeping the highways beautiful.

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