Holiday decorating expert holds event to benefit local boy

BROWNSVILLE, Tenn. — As the sun goes down, the lights shine brighter, at the Markowski Christmas Light Show.

“I mean, it’s wonderful. It just kind of gets you in the spirit of Christmas,” said light show attendee Donna Lovell.

“It’s several years in the making. Of course we do it bigger every year, but I start on Labor Day Weekend, and we start putting lights up on the roof, and it just kind of slowly builds from there,” said holiday designer David Markowski.

Lauren Markowski gave me a tour of the over five hundred thousand light display, many of the decorations handmade by her dad.

“These are the new Charlie Brown Christmas pieces. He just made them this year. They are handmade,” Lauren said. “He welds it and puts it all together.”

For the grand opening Saturday, Markowski was not only sharing his holiday decorating talents with the community, but also collecting donations for Landon Wilson and his family; an 18 year old Haywood County boy who was seriously injured after being hit by a car last month.

“This gentleman that got hurt, he goes to school with my son, and my son said, ‘dad, is there any way we could raise money for him?'” said David.

“I just thought, yeah, we need to do this. Like I said, that’s what Christmas is all about, is giving,” Lovell said.

Even though it takes a lot of lights, a lot of time, and their own personal generator, the Markowski’s say seeing visitors smiling faces, make it all worth while.

“Literally, people are driving through our yard, and it’s all just for that Christmas spirit and joy,” said Lauren, “and I think it’s amazing.”

The Markowski’s say they hope to raise around 900 dollars Saturday night for Landon Wilson and his family. Money they say, will go toward medical bills.

Markowski also says, his light show will be open for guests to enjoy until New Year’s Day.

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