Jackson Exchange Club awards scholarships to local students

JACKSON, Tenn. — The Jackson Exchange Club recognized two local students Tuesday.

Demitra Striligas and Maria Salcedo were both given a $100 scholarship. Striligas was recognized as the Youth of the Month, which honors excellence in academics. Salcedo was recognized as Accepting the Challenge of Excellence, or “ACE,” for the month.

The chairman of student recognition talked about how this award affects their future and our future as well.

“We also note 20 to 30 years from now they’re the ones that are going to be our community leaders, and we need to give them the tools to succeed, and Jackson Exchange Club wants to be part of that program,” Student Recognition Committee Chairman Paul Hare said.

Salcedo was also recognized Tuesday for winning the Golden Door Scholarship, which will cover half of her tuition to Rhodes College. Rhodes will cover the other half, with a total value of $200,000.

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