Las Vegas shooting victim’s wife honored at Titans game

NASHVILLE, Tenn. — With the of a planting of a sword, a lasting tribute to Las Vegas shooting victim, Sonny Melton.

“It’s an amazing tribute to him, he lived an extraordinary life and I’m just so happy that so many people are going to remember his name,” said Heather Melton, Sonny’s wife.

Sonny was killed in the attack while protecting his wife, but his legacy and love for sports carries on as the Tennessee Titans honor his wife.

“Sonny and I came to games together and alwasy had a great time,” Heather said.

She was named the team’s honorary 12th Titan, smashing the sword in the ground to kick off Sunday’s game.

But being on the sidelines, brings back memories.

“When sonny and I were in Las Vegas, we were watching the Titans play the Texans, and here we are today two months later,” she said.

Though she’s not watching from the stands with Sonny, she knows her husband would be proud.

“I think he would be laughing like crazy,” she said. “I think he would say, ‘That’s my girl out there again.'”

Heather says it was Sonny’s first instinct to protect her when the bullets came down on the crowd at the Las Vegas music festival, and his selfless personality is the reason she is here today.

“The main thing I always want people to remember about him is he was probably the most selfless person I’ve ever met,” she said. “He was kind and treated other humans with such respect and love.”

The titan’s announced they are donating $10,000 to the Sonny Melton scholarship fund, which benefits Big Sandy High School seniors who want to pursue a career in nursing.

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