Defendants in 3 high-profile Jackson cases appear before judge

JACKSON, Tenn. — Several cases went before a judge Monday morning in Madison County Circuit Court, including a suspect charged in the death of a woman at a downtown law office and new charges for a man accused of assault while in custody for allegedly killing a Tennessee Bureau of Investigation agent.

Shurnue Bratton was quiet as she appeared before a judge Monday morning. She was arraigned on multiple charges related to the shooting death of Betsy Raines at the downtown law office where Raines worked.

Bratton had recently been fired from the law office, Casey, Simmons and Bryant, prior to the shooting.

“I am entering a not guilty plea for you on these charges,” Judge Kyle Atkins said.

Brenden Burns, the man accused of fatally shooting TBI Special Agent De’Greaun Frazier in August 2016, returned to court Monday to be arraigned on a new assault charge.

Burns’ attorney, David Camp, says this new charge is unrelated to his pending cases on drug and felony murder charges.

“He has been charged with an assault charge related to some matters that went on here at the Criminal Justice Complex, and they have indicted him on that,” Camp said.

Camp says the next time Burns is in court, the judge will hear both the assault case and the charges related to Frazier’s death.

In a third case also heard Monday, a man accused of opening fire in the Stanley Black and Decker parking lot in August 2016 appeared before Atkins.

David Allison is facing multiple charges including attempted murder and aggravated assault. His attorney asked the judge to reset the case while they wait for evidence.

All three suspects remain in custody at the Madison County Jail.

Brenden Burns is set to return to court Dec. 19. Both Shurnue Bratton and David Allison are scheduled to return to court Jan. 23.