Ordering or shipping items for Christmas? Keep time limits in mind


JACKSON, Tenn. — When it comes to getting those gifts sent out for the holidays, you always want to make sure the shipping process is as easy as possible.

UPS store owner Sandy Naik says time is limited during December and that there are certain dates to keep in mind if you want a package delivered on time.

“If they want to do three days, it has to be shipped before the 18th of December,” Naik said. “If they want to do a second day, it has to be shipped before the 20th, and if they want to do next day, it has to be shipped before the 21st.”

She says people need to make sure packages get labeled correctly to ensure they are sent to the right location so they won’t get lost during that holiday shipping rush.

“The process is the same, it’s just that ground is not guaranteed anymore because of the volume, and because of the volume things do get lost,” Naik said. “If you forgot to put an apartment number or suite number or something, so just make sure that you have the right address with the apartment and the suite so that your packages does not get lost.”

Besides using signatures to make sure an item is received safely, Naik says make sure items won’t get stolen by being discreet with the packaging so people can’t tell if an item is expensive.

“Use a brown box so at least if it’s left on the porch or somewhere people don’t think that there’s expensive things and they want to pick it up,” Naik said.

UPS does extend some of their store hours for the holidays, so planning ahead and having everything prepared properly will make the process a little easier for everyone.

“It’s the holidays and sometimes you might have to wait in line, but just be patient and we are going to get you as soon as possible,” Naik said.

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