“Refuse to be a victim” teaches crime prevention and personal safety

JACKSON, Tenn. — EMA Director and instructor Marty Clements demonstrated Tuesday night how people can take a pro-active role in protecting themselves through a program called.. “Refuse to be a Victim”..

“The National Rifle Association started this as a way for women to be more aware of their surroundings and be able to protect themselves. There’s just so many different elements of the program now that’s come up in the last few years,” said Clements.

He said whether you live in a city like Jackson or a small town the best way to reduce your chances of being a victim is through the development of a personal safety strategy before its too late.

“We start on the mindset of a criminal so that people understand that there is no characteristics of the way they look. There are habitual things that criminals do or characteristics of them,” said Clements.

One topic discussed during the seminar is how to be prepared in an active shooter situation at a church. Folks who attended the class said they came because they thought it would offer valuable information.

“If they raise their awareness and raise their education and training level they can stop some of the bad stuff that happens,” said Clements.

He hopes those attending tonight’s class will continue to keep learning then start an emergency plan for all hazards and disasters.

To learn more about Refuse to be a Victim, follow this link: https://rtbav.nra.org/

Clements said he also offers classes on Basic Pistol & Safety plus Personal Protection Inside the Home.

To find out when the classes are, contact the Jackson-Madison County EMA at (731) 427-1271.