Winter Has Arrived In West Tennessee

Weather Update 7:45 AM CST:

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The Arctic Front has passed through West Tennessee this morning. It ushered in a line of strong storms this morning. It featured brief heavy rain, gusty 35-45 mph winds along with thunder and lightning. Concentrated showers will gradually diminish through this morning and afternoon from NW to SE as the Arctic Air takes over. Temperatures will be in free fall through the rest of today, they’ll slow around 48°F this afternoon. The clouds will keep temperatures from falling too fast tonight, but there will be a few breaks  that allow us to bottom out around 30 degrees. Keeping an eye on the end of the week forecast as it may feature wintry mischief into Saturday. Ill have another check of the full forecast coming up later on ABC 7 at 11:30 and CBS 7 Noon!



Storm Team Meteorologist
Moe Shamell
Twitter: @wbbj7moe

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