Its Chilly, But Colder Weather On The Way This Weekend

Weather Update 7:51 AM CST:

A chilly start to the day across West Tennessee. Temps were held at bay though thanks to persistent cloud cover being produced by sub-tropical jet streaking across the southern states n combination with a stalling frontal zone along the Gulf coast. Meanwhile the arctic front aloft is still trying to press south into West Tennessee. This is creating a tug-of-war on the cloud clear line, which will make forecasting temperatures a bit of a pain both day time and overnight. For now looks like the core of High Pressure will be present in West Tennessee by Friday Morning, Lows should fall into the low 20s, possibly even a few teens on the board. Feel-Like temperatures, or wind chill temps will be in the teens for a lot of the are! I am not looking forward to Friday morning! Ill have another check of the full forecast coming on ABC 7 11:30 AM and at Noon on CBS 7.


Storm Team Meteorologist
Moe Shamell
Twitter: @wbbj7moe

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