Are your holiday deliveries safe from thieves? These tips can help

JACKSON, Tenn. — Shopping for Christmas is in full swing, and for the United States Postal Service that means delivering lots of packages.

“During this holiday season the post office estimates they will deliver 22 million packages a day,” Susan Link, a postal inspector, said.

They want to make sure no one is stealing these packages from your door step.

“One option is to put a hold on your mail,” Link said. “It’s free through the post office, and when you know you’re going to be back they can deliver everything.”

Another tip is to track your packages online to know exactly when they will be delivered.

The Madison County Sheriff’s Office also has some ideas on how to keep your packages safe.

“Have your packages delivered to your work place, to a relative who is home all day or a trusted neighbor,” Tom Mapes with the Madison County Sheriff’s Office said.

The sheriff’s office says to try and have it delivered somewhere out of the public’s view.

“You can go online and request a safe place for it to be placed, like maybe in the back door or in the bed of a pickup truck in the driveway,” Mapes said.

If you do see anyone stealing packages, both the postal service and sheriff’s office say don’t confront them.

There are also inexpensive, wifi-enabled cameras you can install in your home to catch someone trying to steal your packages.