Mother, grandmother defend gunman in deadly shooting

PARIS, Tenn. — Susan Wallace cherishes her photos of her grandson Jeremy Anderson.

Susan Wallace, grandmother of Jeremy Anderson

He was my grandchild, he was my boy,” she said. “The first grandchild I ever had.”

Even though she knows he’s accused of firing the gun, killing her ex-husband Marlin Wallace, she believes it wasn’t her grandson’s fault.

“My ex-husband was abusive to both of us,” Wallace said.

Jennifer Anderson, mother of Jeremy Anderson

Susan says all living together under one roof, her grandson and her ex-husband had a history of arguing.

But on Thursday the arguing became physical.

“They loved each other, it was just a fatal end,” she said.

A fatal end leaving Susan grieving the loss of not only one, but two.

“I lost two men in my life that night,” she said.

But neighbors say they knew Marlin as a good man.

“He was kind, he would carry my groceries up the step,” said Janice Stanley, who lives nextdoor.

Jeremy Anderson’s mother, Jennifer Anderson, says the two were fighting over a car.

“My son doesn’t deserve this,” Anderson said. “He’s a good boy and I want people understand he’s not just some murderer.”

“This is my baby,  and I want him home,” Wallace said.

Jeremy Anderson is facing one count of first degree murder and is being held in the Henry County jail without bond. He’s scheduled to return to court Jan. 4.

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