Law enforcement agencies partner with WRAP to combat domestic violence

JACKSON, Tenn —  Local law enforcement agencies working with the Wo/mens Resource and Rape Assistance Program, better known as WRAP to combat domestic violence.

A year ago, leaders with WRAP implemented an assessment program in Jackson-Madison County, which allows law enforcement officers to identify domestic violence victims in dangerous situations. Now the program is expanding to include other counties across West Tennessee.

Three local agencies have partnered with WRAP to implement a lethality assessment program.

“They have an 11-question assessment that they give to victims that helps victims understand the level of danger their actually in,” said Daryl Chansuthus, executive director of WRAP.

Police departments in Dyersburg, Lexington and Brownsville are using the program to address domestic violence in their area.

“Here in the past couple years, one thing we realized that the rate for domestic violence has gone up here in Haywood County,” said Assistant Chief Kelvin Evans with the Brownsville Police Department.

When police are responding to a domestic violence situation, a WRAP advocate can speak with the victim on the spot and help them with a safety plan.

“This way we can reach out we can let them know it’s confidential, it’s free, you don’t have to report anything to anyone to get services from us,” said Chansuthus.

In addition to that, WRAP will also receive details from officers about the case.

“Before the end of their shift, they’ll give us information about the victim so that will be able to follow up with them at the latest by the morning of the next business day,” said Chansuthus.

Leaders with WRAP said the program has benefited so many victims that now other counties are wanting to use their resources to make change.

“WRAP has provided us with tools we can use that will help our guys in the field,” said Assistant Chief Evans.

“Our goal is not to wait until after their hurt to get them out to help them leave it’s before it reaches that point,” said Chansuthus.

Leaders with WRAP say law enforcement in Benton and Carroll Counties have expressed an interest in implementing the program.
They hope even more agencies will participate.

If you would like to learn more information about the services WRAP offers, here is a link to their website.

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